Highest Finishes:
1Lewis Hackett170
2Kevin Howse160
3Paul Cook158
4Chris Daglish157
5Scott Lee156
6Aiden O'Donnell150
7Andy McAllister147
8Guy Skinner147
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Biggest Winners this week
New Inn B192
New Century A192
147 Snooker B140
Duke of Edinburgh L140
Coleview X218
Purton Club165
Fox & Hounds1910
Bourton Club156
One Hundred and Eighty
1Zak Cross5
2Lewis Hackett5
3Andy Bartlett4
4Mark Cox4
5Paul Cook3
6Ian Greenaway3
7Johnny Haines3
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This Weeks Results:
  • 20/04/2018
    Premier League
    Abbey Meads B 1316The Old Bear - Crick
    Black Horse - Ciren B 1514Bees Knees
    Coleview A 821Coleview X
    Duke of Edinburgh A 1118Aldbourne Club
    Fox & Hounds 1910Charrins A
    High St Club X 1415Duke of Edinburgh X
  • 20/04/2018
    A League
    Bakers Arms B 1011Stratton RBL A
    Eight Bells - Fairford 129New Century X
    Jesters A 147Aldbourne Club B
    Kingsdown X 00Saracens
    New Inn A 1110Rodbourne Cheney F
    Rodbourne Cheney X 714Chiseldon SSC
  • 20/04/2018
    B League
    Bees Knees XXL 1110Black Horse - Ciren
    Duke of Edinburgh L 140New Inn C
    High St Club OX 1011Jesters B
    New Inn Z 138High St Club XXL
    Stratton RBL X 1011North Swindon
    The Globe - Highworth 00Bye
  • 20/04/2018
    C League
    Bees Knees A 813Bees Knees J
    Charrins C 138Rodbourne Cheney W
    Plough - Highworth B 138Liden Community Centre
    Purton Club B 912The Iron Horse
    Shrivenham FC 138Stratton Reform A
    The Manor 516Purton Club
  • 20/04/2018
    D League
    Ashford Road Club 00New Inn D
    Carriers Arms 1110Village Inn, Liddington
    Coleview B 615Kingsdown B
    Goldfinger B 1110Swiss Chalet P
    New Century A 192Bees Knees P
    North Swindon B 00Bakers Arms A
  • 20/04/2018
    E League
    147 Snooker B 140147 Snooker A
    Aldbourne Club C 129High St Club T
    Bourton Club 156Coleview C
    Honey Badgers (Bees) 129Westcott Club A
    Red House (Purton) 147Duke of Edinburgh Z
    Stratton Reform B 219New Inn B
This Weeks Fixtures:
  • 27/04/2018
    Premier League
    Aldbourne Club 00Black Horse - Ciren B
    Bees Knees  00High St Club X
    Charrins A 00Abbey Meads B
    Coleview X 00Fox & Hounds
    Duke of Edinburgh X 00Duke of Edinburgh A
    The Old Bear - Crick 00Coleview A
  • 27/04/2018
    A League
    Aldbourne Club B 00Eight Bells - Fairford
    Chiseldon SSC 00Jesters A
    New Century X 00Rodbourne Cheney X
    Rodbourne Cheney F 00Kingsdown X
    Saracens  00Bakers Arms B
    Stratton RBL A 00New Inn A
  • 27/04/2018
    B League
    Black Horse - Ciren  00High St Club OX
    Bye 00Stratton RBL X
    High St Club XXL 00The Globe - Highworth
    Jesters B 00Duke of Edinburgh L
    New Inn C 00Bees Knees XXL
    North Swindon  00New Inn Z
  • 27/04/2018
    C League
    Bees Knees J 00Shrivenham FC
    Liden Community Centre  00Charrins C
    Purton Club 00Bees Knees A
    Rodbourne Cheney W 00Purton Club B
    Stratton Reform A 00The Manor
    The Iron Horse 00Plough - Highworth B
  • 27/04/2018
    D League
    Bakers Arms A 00Carriers Arms
    Bees Knees P 00Goldfinger B
    Kingsdown B 00North Swindon B
    New Inn D 00New Century A
    Swiss Chalet P 00Ashford Road Club
    Village Inn, Liddington 00Coleview B
  • 27/04/2018
    E League
    147 Snooker A 00Aldbourne Club C
    Coleview C 00147 Snooker B
    Duke of Edinburgh Z 00Stratton Reform B
    High St Club T 00Bourton Club
    New Inn B 00Honey Badgers (Bees)
    Westcott Club A 00Red House (Purton)
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