Highest Checkouts

1Ian Moran118Abbey Meads BA
2Pete Keen116Aldbourne ClubPremier
3Pete Keen111Aldbourne ClubPremier
4B Bailey128Aldbourne Club BPremier
5Ryan Greenaway126Bakers Arms ZD
6Andy Tranter102Barrington ArmsB
7Terry Paget134Bees Knees Premier
8James Tait128Bees Knees Premier
9Paul Boulton121Bees Knees Premier
10Terry Paget120Bees Knees Premier
11Mark Mueller114Bees Knees Premier
12John Church116Bees Knees JC
13Steve Clapton111Bees Knees JC
14Rob Smith109Bees Knees JC
15Mark Eden 110Bees Knees XXLA
16Mark Eden 104Bees Knees XXLA
17Aiden O'Donnell104Carriers ArmsD
18J Butler152Chiseldon SSCA
19Wayne Long120Chiseldon SSCA
20Jason Knight117Chiseldon SSCA
21Dennis Smith145Coleview XPremier
22Carl Savory112Duke of Edinburgh APremier
23Zak Cross146Duke of Edinburgh LB
24Dave Taylor122Duke of Edinburgh XA
25Scott McNeil122Fox & HoundsPremier
26Bob Knight103Fox & HoundsPremier
27Johnny Haines121High St Club XPremier
28Steve Willard121High St Club XPremier
29Mark Hancock109High St Club XXLB
30Mark Hancock107High St Club XXLB
31Mick Ayres104Honey Badgers (Bees)D
32Ben Moss103Honey Badgers (Bees)D
33Ian Hall132Jesters AA
34Ian Hall110Jesters AA
35Kindon Padden109Jesters AA
36Kenny Richards106Jesters CD
37Mike Hill124King & Queen (Highworth)E
38Mike Hill106King & Queen (Highworth)E
39Andy Grey103King & Queen (Highworth)E
40Ross Baxter142Kingsdown XB
41Mike Anderson120New Century XA
42Fred Welch134New Inn AA
43Glen Bateman118New Inn YC
44Glynn Dyton108New Inn ZB
45Mike Savoury131Phoenix Bar APremier
46Robbie Cutter119Purton ClubB
47Neal Wood170Red House (Purton)E
48Dave Woodwards146Rodbourne Cheney XPremier
49Bob Clayton102Stratton RBL AB
50Tim Booth120Stratton RBL XA
51Iain Blood112Swiss Chalet XB
52Scott Clarke145The Iron HorseC
53Joe Powell116The Iron HorseC
54Mark Motti106The TalbotPremier